About Us

Our mission, quite simply, is to make tails wag! We do that by offering a range of unique treats and birthday goodies with the freshest organic and all-natural ingredients. We sincerely care about your happiness and your pet's health and longevity. We're not just baking boring bones, we're making treats to enrich the lives of the ones who love us unconditionally.

How it all began...

It was a moon lit summer night in 1999 when a glowing, ghostly white shape crept up our driveway. We were sitting on the porch, probably making-out, when our dog at the time, a mutt named Randy, started wagging his tail. I think he knew somebody special was arriving. With great interest we slowly made our way to the pale figure huddled next to the car. She was a beautiful Staffordshire Terrier who had obviously been through hell. She had bite wounds, cuts where she had been tied down and a giant infected goiter on her neck the size of a softball. Worst of all she was starved and dehydrated. Two bowls of food and three of water later she finally laid down in our side yard. The next morning she was stil there and so happy to see us she jumped in the air about five feet. She bruised our legs wagging her whip of a tail so hard. That morning we decided to call her Angel because when that sweet girl came walking up our driveway she was glowing in the moonlight like an Angel from Heaven. After a quick visit to the vet and a few hundred dollars in medical bills she was as good as new, and as happy as any dog. We quickly realized we had a treasure in this skinny little girl who just couldn't get enough love. In this photo, taken in summer of 2000, you can see that she is still skinny but obviously very healthy.
Her wounds healed and only the slightest scars remained, though she had no idea they were there. Dogs are like that you know, a little love goes a long way.
We lost Angel to Cancer in 2011 but we keep her memory alive everyday by making her favorites treats for all dogs to enjoy. Did you notice that her persona tops our logo?

Today at The Dog Treatery...

Peanut is half Cairn Terrier and half Miniature Schnauzer. Given to us by a family member in Oklahoma, he arrived here in 2011. We named him Peanut because he was so small, sausage shaped and the color of Peanuts! He celebrated his first Birthday in style with Angel watching over the festivities!

About Our Ingredients

We use only all-natural human-grade organic ingredients. All of our products are Free of Corn and Animal By-Products. Canine heart disease rates across America are attributed to the corn fillers and animal by-products in most dog foods and low-grade treats.Personally, we hate these two ingredients and do not use them. We hand-make every bone and cookie with human-grade ingredients. If we won't touch it or eat it ourselves we won't feed it to our dog and we believe YOUR dog deserves the same quality.

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