Meat Tooth

So your dog has a Meat Tooth and not a sweet tooth? Do they love, beef, liver, chicken or buffalo? Maybe they love all meats? We have a treat to hit the spot! Tummy spot that is!

  • Humans Taste Like Chicken Crackers

    Humans Taste Like Chicken Crackers

    A classic dog cracker, with a twisted name, these little nuggets are made with free-range chicken breast! More Info
  • Liver Bits

    Liver Bits

    Dogs go CRAZY for the smell of our fresh Liver Bits! More Info
  • Pod People

    Pod People

    OH NO, they're POD PEOPLE! We need your dog's help to rid the world of these delicious Pod People. More Info
  • Bison Chips

    Bison Chips

    Gluten-Free, Corn Free, Wheat Free, low-fat and all organic.. could this be the perfect dog treat? More Info
  • Goodie Bag Party Favors

    Goodie Bag Party Favors

    These ultimate party bags with assorted flavors are pure pooch delight. More Info
  • Beef Jerky

    Beef Jerky

    Hand made in small batches using only human quality all-natural Grade A Eye-of-Round. More Info
  • Party Mix

    Party Mix

    The ultimate dog party mix! Each bag is pure pooch delight, filled with four dog-favorite flavors. More Info