• PupCup Cakes Large

    PupCup Cakes Large

    When that special day arrives celebrate with our wheat-free large PupCup cakes! More Info
  • Note Card

    Note Card

    Add a gift card to any order. Card is white with black paw prints and comes in a brightly colored envelope. More Info
  • Note Cards with Envelopes

    10 pack of white gift cards with black paw prints, includes 10 assorted bright color envelopes. More Info
  • Birthday Cookie Sets

    Birthday Cookie Sets

    A festive set that will have your dog drooling on his big day! More Info
  • Party Bones

    Party Bones

    Dipped & individually wrapped Peanut Butter bones that are ready to stuff into gift bags, favor bags or offer at the party. More Info
  • Birthday Party Pack -Deluxe

    Birthday Party Pack -Deluxe

    Everything you need for a dog's birthday party. Celebrate your dog's Birthday or Adoption day with our Birthday Party Pack. More Info
  • Birthday Party Pack -Basic

    Birthday Party Pack -Basic

    Everything you need for a small dog birthday party. You’ll get one cake customized with your dog's name and in your choice of colors, one birthday candle, one goodie bag, a Kong Air Dog Ball and six festive paw print balloons. More Info
  • Party Mix

    Party Mix

    The ultimate dog party mix! Each bag is pure pooch delight, filled with four dog-favorite flavors. More Info
  • Beef Jerky

    Beef Jerky

    Hand made in small batches using only human quality all-natural Grade A Eye-of-Round. More Info
  • Birthday Cookies for Dogs-Customized

    Birthday Cookies for Dogs-Customized

    Cookies handmade fresh to order with Happy Birthday and your dog's name written on the top. Choose your size and any color! More Info